Why Fred Astaire

Our dance studios were founded in 1947 by Mr. Fred Astaire, one of the greatest dancers of all time. He developed a practical, interrelated dance curriculum that embodied the fundamental principles of good dancing, flavored by his style and grace. When you learn to dance at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you can be sure you are learning by a proven method created by the best in the business.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our dance curriculum covers the full range of American, Latin-American, International and Exhibition/Theater Arts style of dancing. The Fred Astaire curriculum is the most fully documented bank of dancing knowledge available in the world. Originally inspired by Mr. Astaire’s superb style of dancing, current world famous dance champions and registered judges on the Fred Astaire Dance Board constantly study and review our curriculum to make sure that only the finest, up-to-date programs are offered to our students.

Guaranteed Product

Learning to dance is an investment of your time and money. When we say our method and our curriculum is guaranteed, we don’t just mean that you will learn to dance well. You can also depend on the stability of our corporate structure. For example, if you have to relocate, you won’t lose the lessons you’ve already purchased, because we have locations across the United States. Also, because of the consistency of our curriculum, you can pick up where you left off at any other studio without any setbacks to your dancing.

Award-Winning Instructors

Hailing from around the world, our instructors are continuously-trained, actively-competing, award-winning professionals. Many of our teachers have degrees in the fine arts and all have passed rigorous exams given by the Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dance and the Fred Astaire Curriculum Certification. They are held to the highest levels of professionalism to ensure a safe and productive environment for our students.


We like our students! Dancers tend to be people-persons, and you’ll find that our instructors and staff are personable, helpful, and take a genuine interest in you. Dancing is also an ideal activity to foster social connections. You’ll meet people from diverse backgrounds and professions with a common interest—dancing! Social events and group classes offer endless opportunities for friendship, business networking, or maybe even romance.

National Competition Network

Our students have exclusive access to participate in our competition programs. Opportunities include mini-matches at the local level, regional competitions, and national events held in premier destinations, such as Las Vegas and Orlando.